Bug: Email replies with default signature

There appears to be a bug that affects this email replies when:

  • The email was created in CRM2015 and org was upgraded to CRM2016 OR the email was received from an external party AND
  • The user replies to the email from CRM2016/Dynamics 365

Email Signatures were added to CRM in 8.1. This feature enables an user to quickly setup their email signature(s). The user also has the capability to setup an email signature as default, so that it is automatically inserted into the email body. The bug is in the functionality.

When the user creates a new email, CRM always inserts div tag with id signature.

Email Signature New Email

Why does it insert this tag even though no signatures have been setup yet? It serves as a marker to know where to insert the signature in the reply: whether in the top or in the bottom.

When the user replies to an email which has a div#signature, then everything is fine. The signature is appended to the top of the email.

Email Signature div id signature exists

This is because when CRM sees that the user is trying to reply to an email which has a div#signature, it modifies the id to “oldsignature”, and appends a new div#signature to the DOM.

Email Signature oldsignature div.png

If the incoming email does not have div#signature in the DOM, CRM does not insert any div#signature to the reply at all. Even if you manually click, the “Insert Signature” button in the command bar, it inserts the signature to the bottom of the email which is not correct.

Email Signature in the bottom of reply.png

Resolution: Nothing at the moment, till MS fixes this issue.



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