AWS for Azure folks

Recently, I passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. While I am mainly focussed on Azure, I thought this will be a good exam to take to understand the market leader. I signed up for AWS Cloud Quest. This was interactive training where you have to do things for real in AWS environment, and your actions are verified before you proceed to the next level. This is similar to Microsoft Learn, where you have Concierge environments, and your work is verified before you proceed to the next module.

Based on my limited experience with AWS, I think it is not that difficult to learn the high level stuff, if you are already across Azure. In this post, I want to just to the compare the various services across AWS and Azure. This exam is not technical. It is just about knowing the AWS Technology Landscape and Cloud Computing in general.

Service/Terminology in AWSService/Terminology in Azure
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)Virtual Machines
LambdaAzure Functions
Elastic Bean StackApp Service
S3 (Simple Storage Service)Storage Account
SNS (Simple Notification Service)Event Grid
SQS (Simple Queue Service)Service Bus
EFS (Elastic File System)Storage Account + Azure Files
Step FunctionsLogic Apps
Elastic Container RegistryAzure Container Registry
App FlowAzure Data Factory
Cost ExplorerCost Management + Azure Advisor
Reserved InstancesReserved Instances
AWS OutpostsAzure Stack/Azure Arc
Elastic Kubernetes ServiceAzure Kubernetes Service
App RunnerContainer Apps
RDS (Relational Database Service)Azure SQL Managed Instance
Dynamo DBCosmos DB
AWS X-RayApplication Insights
Cloud WatchAzure Monitor
Cloud FormationARM/Bicep Templates
AWS ConfigActivity Log + Log Analytics + Azure Policy
AWS OpsWorksAzure Desired State Configuration + Azure Automation
OrganizationManagement Group
Amazon CloudFrontAzure Front Door
Amazon Route 53Traffic Manager
AWS Direct ConnectExpress Route
AWS Global AcceleratorAzure Front Door + Application Gateway, but I am not 100% sure on this
AWS PrivateLinkAzure Private Link
Elastic Load BalancingLoad Balancer or Application Gateway
Amazon GuardDutyAzure Sentinel + Microsoft Defender
Amazon InspectorAzure Sentinel + Microsoft Defender
Amazon MacieMicrosoft Purview
Key Management Service, Secrets Manager, Certificates ManagerAzure KeyVault
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)Virtual Network (VNet)
Network Access Control List (NACL) + Security GroupsNetwork Security Group (NSG) + Application Security Group (ASG)
AWS vs Azure Comparison

The big surprise to me was how AWS charges for support plans. If you exceed the spending cap, you are charged percentage of your spending as the support cost.

AWS Support Pricing

Compare this with Azure Support Plans, where it is a flat fee.

Azure Support Plans

It was a good exam to prepare for and take, as you get a good idea about the competition, and what is better or lacking in Azure.


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