Apart from Dynamics CRM/365 SDK, these are some of the tools that I use every day to assist me in the development process. No particular order. I am listing only the tools that I use everyday.

  • XrmToolBox – This is a must use application. A collection of open source tools improve your productivity. Since it is a collection of tools, I am not going to mention a list of useful tools. All are useful.
  • LINQPad with CRM Driver – An useful tool for querying CRM or run C# snippets. Can query as well as produce fetchxml.
  • LINQPad with WebAPI Driver – LINQPad driver for the WebAPI endpoint. Can query as well as produce the WebAPI url.
  • CRM Code Editor – Edit you web resources right in CRM. Uses Monaco editor, which is the same editor that powers Visual Studio Code.
  • Chrome – Must have for JavaScript debugging. Best of breed dev tool.
  • Just Decompile – .NET decompiler. Must have to troubleshooting some pesky CRM bugs. Install Assembly Editor and De4Dot plugins, to troubleshoot any third party assemblies that are obfuscated.
  • Fiddler – Debugging proxy, that lets to monitor the traffic and also modify/resend requests. Read Scott Durow’s post -> to understand its use in the context of CRM.
  • Imposter – An extension for Fiddler that simplifies redirecting webresources to local resources. Refer for quick documentation.
  • Notepad++ – Does things beyond just simple editing. Plugins I have installedNotepad++ Plugins.png
  • CRM REST Builder – Must have if you writing JavaScript to interact with CRM SOAP Endpoint or the Web API endpoint.
  • Ribbon Workbench – If you are editing CRM ribbons any other way, you are not spending your time productively. Available both as a managed solution and as a XrmToolBox tool.
  • Resharper – If you using Visual Studio, this is a must buy product. Quite a bargain when you consider how much time you waste without this installed.
  • Level up for Dynamics CRM/365 – This is a Chrome extension I developed to assist power users.
  • Stylish – Stylish to CSS is what Greasemonkey is to JavaScript. Quite useful for modifying CSS on sites that you don’t control. Refer my post -> Using Stylish to enhance CRM for some scenarios that you can use this extension.