Using Stylish to enhance CRM

EDIT (11/07/2018): Stylish has been acquired by SimilarWeb and it now is consider a spware ->

DON’T USE STYLISH ANYMORE. Uninstall, if you already have it.

Use Stylus instead, as recommended in the blog post above.



What is Stylish?

Stylish is a browser extension available for both Firefox and Chrome. It helps you to alter the styles on any site that you don’t control. The change is localised i.e. it is visible only in your local machine.

How can I use this to enhance Dynamics CRM

I will give you three quick scenarios that you will find useful.

  1. Hide the new “friendly” and “informative” notification messages.
  2. Show the full width of a form label without truncation .
  3. Alter the navigation bar text and colour to easily differentiate various environments.

Hiding the notification messages

This is the CSS you’ll use to hide the notification messages. With this you can quick nuke all the messages, across all the environments you specify using the Stylish configuration. This can be done without going to “Settings” and turn each different notification classes (Get Outlook App, Get CRM App, Trial expiry, Mailbox notifications and Install Interactive Service Hub) off. The rule is for any site that ends with

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {
  .crmAppMessageBar_green, .crmAppMessageBar {
    display: none !important;

Before Stylish

Message Bar Before

After Stylish

Message Bar After

Show the full label width without truncation

Starting from CRM2015, labels are not fully displayed if they are too long. The standard approach is to wrap around, but that is not how it is in CRM. Instead, they are truncated. The workaround solution for this is to increase the section width, but there is a better solution. Using Stylish, you can change the CSS that controls this behaviour. Below is the CSS for this. The rule is for any site that ends with

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {
  .ms-crm-InlineEditLabel, .ms-crm-InlineEditLabelText {
    white-space: normal !important;

Before Stylish

Label Truncation Before

After Stylish

Label Truncation After

Altering navigation bar text and colour

If you are working across multiple environments, you will like this one. You can change the colour and text using CSS, so that you’ll know where you are, when are constantly switching tabs. I did an extension to do just the colour change, but Stylish does it much better, as it exposes the full power of CSS. You can obviously use themes in CRM2016 to do this. But with this approach:

  1. You can have a theme you like, that is different from the published theme
  2. CRM2015 users can get the same theming goodness

Here is the CSS, you can use for this. The style is just for the navigation bar. You can go crazy and change the form styles, command bar styles and what not.

@-moz-document url-prefix(https://[ENTER THE URL FOR THE RULE]) {
  #navBar {
    background: green !important;
  .navTabLogoText:after {
    content: " DEV" !important;

Before Stylish

Navigation Bar Before

After Stylish

Navigation Bar After

Here is some screenshots from Firefox on how to get to the Stylish menu to add custom styles. It is a little bit different in Chrome.

Stylish Menu

I have one rule to do with message bar hiding and preventing label truncation.


Here are the links for downloading Stylish

Chrome users head to

Firefox users head to

IE users, head to Smile

This is a really productive tool to have and is also free.



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