Highlighting specific records in a view

I recently had a requirement to highlight certain records that are displayed using a System View. It is not possible to use different colours in a supported way to accomplish this. It is possible to rollout your own custom grid using libraries like SparkleXrm and embed this on a form using IFrames. The only problem with this is you still can’t highlight a record in System View using SparkleXrm. While it is possible to create a new system view that contains just the records that need to be highlighted, this is not a true highlighting.

A quick solution is to use a simple text attribute, and store a unicode character. These are the miscellaneous symbols in Unicode. You could use the “★” symbol for highlighting the record.

Here is screenshot of what I have done.

All I have done is added a simple text attribute to the entity, and stored “★” character in records that need to be highlighted, and added this to the System View that needs this highlighting. A workflow or business rule could be used to set this attribute based on the highlighting logic. This approach can be used to quickly “highlight” certain records. If you have done this a different way, I would love to hear your approach.


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