Business Solutions MVP – 2017

I was pleasantly surprised to see a MVP award notification email, when I woke up today morning.

MVP Email.png

I usually share stuff on Twitter pretty quickly, but I haven’t done so with this announcement, as I wanted to credit all the people who have not only helped me, but the whole CRM community with their insightful posts and awesome tools.

As a developer I really look up to these people, who have made some significant open source contributions and continue to:

  • XrmToolBox team (Alexey Shytikov, Daryl LaBar, Jonas Rapp, Tanguy Touzard)
  • Scott Durow
  • Jason Lattimer
  • Guido Preite
  • Yaniv Arditi
  • Lucas Alexander

The MVP program has also been updated. These are the key changes:

  1. New MVPs will be awarded every month (It was quarterly earlier)
  2. All renewals will happen on July

I think these changes are great, as this means more people will be able to come into the program quicker.



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