Convert Personal View to System View

When you design a query from the “Advanced Find” window, you can save the query for future use. I call this “Personal View”, but the official name for this is “Saved View”. This view is only visible to the person who saved the view (unless it is shared/reassigned).

As more personal views get created, it becomes an issue during migration, as these are not transported in the solution xml. You can of course use Solution Extender to copy this across, but I would like to do this right from the Advanced Find window. Apart from data migration, another scenario where you might find the need to create a system view from a personal view, is when you are constantly sharing views to a large number of people of group. When you are doing this, it is good time to actually make this a system view.

With these scenarios in mind, I have developed a solution that simplifies the process of creating a system view from a personal view. After installing the managed solution, you will see a new button called “Promote to System View” in the advanced find, when you switch to the “Saved Views” tab.


To create a system view from the personal view, simply choose the views that need to be converted, and click the “Promote to System View” button. A message will be displayed after the conversion is complete. Once you refresh the window, you should be able to see the newly created system view(s).

Please log any issues/feedback/feature request in the github repo ->

You can download the managed solution from



  1. Hi Natraj
    A big thank you for creating this add-in. I find myself using it regularly. It has made my life much easier!

  2. […] You just created a personal view which consists of several “AND/OR”-groupings and looped through several entities, but noticed this should have been a system view *Argh*! No worries, by using the managed solution from Natraj Yegnaraman or “Dreaming in CRM”, you can safely promote a personal view to a system view. […]

  3. I’m getting below error while converting view from personal to system

    {“error”:{“code”:”0x8004f026″,”message”:”The evaluation of the current component(name=SavedQuery, id=40dce643-f70e-eb11-a813-0022480a006f) in the current operation (Create) failed during managed property evaluation of condition: Managed Property Name: iscomponentcreationenabled; Component Name: SavedQuery; “}}

    Note: entity is managed

    Can you please help me on this ?

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