ExchangeOnline and CRM Server Side Sync

There are two ways to quickly get access to a new Dynamics CRM Trial:


If you create a new trial using the first link, you just get access to Dynamics CRM. But if you are looking to do some customer demos, it is better to create a trial using the 2nd link as it comes with SharePoint online and Exchange Online.

These are the demos I generally create:


Eventhough the screenshot still says CRM2015 Update 1, both these demos create a CRM2016 organisation. I am not sure about other regions, but this is the case with crm6 (Australia).

One of the issues I faced in when using orgs created using DemoBuilder is “The mailbox location could not be determined while sending/receiving the email message” error. I faced this error while configuring the CRM to ExchangeOnline server side sync. This issue is not consistently reproducable i.e. it occured in one org, but not in the other

Ideally you expect this to work without any additional configuration, as all the orgs built using DemoBuilder should have everything setup properly. But if the server side sync between CRM and ExchangeOnline is not working in your org due to this error, you can try the steps below as per KB2972143 (The article is for CRM2013 but the same resolution is applicable for CRMOnline running 8.0.0).

  1. Open the Microsoft Exchange Online Email Server Profile record from Settings -> Email Configuration -> Email Server Profiles
  2. Get the Godmode Bookmarklet and run it on the Microsoft Exchange Online Email Server Profile record
  3. Enter for both Incoming Server Location and Outgoing Server Location
  4. Set Auto Discover Server Location to No
  5. Save the record

After following these steps hit the “Test and Enable Mailbox” button and the server side sync should start working.


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