Bookmarklet: Open view in new window

Drag the below bookmarklet to the favorites bar in your browser, to quickly open the current view being displayed, in a new window. You can then probably bookmark the view Url, to assist with your daily housekeeping tasks. The current way the get the view url is Email a Link -> Of Current view from the command bar and then copy the url from the resulting Outlook window.


This bookmarket will save you that 3 seconds to do that.

javascript:if(frames&&frames[0].$P_CRM&&frames[0].$P_CRM('#crmGrid')){var grid=frames[0].$P_CRM('#crmGrid')[0].control;if(grid){[0].Xrm.Page.context.getClientUrl()+'/main.aspx?etc='+grid.GetParameter('otc')+'&pagetype=entitylist&viewid='+grid.GetParameter('viewid')+'&viewtype='+grid.GetParameter('viewtype'),'_blank');}else{alert('Unable to find grid');}}else{alert('Unable to find grid');} void 0;

The source for this is as below

if (frames && frames[0].$P_CRM && frames[0].$P_CRM('#crmGrid')) {
	var grid = frames[0].$P_CRM('#crmGrid')[0].control;
	if (grid) {[0].Xrm.Page.context.getClientUrl() + '/main.aspx?etc=' + grid.GetParameter('otc') + '&pagetype=entitylist&viewid=' + grid.GetParameter('viewid') + '&viewtype=' + grid.GetParameter('viewtype'), '_blank');
	} else {
		alert('Unable to find grid');
} else {
	alert('Unable to find grid');

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