Notes Control in CRM 2013 SP1

If you have a note control on a form and the default tab on this note control is Notes, no note records might be displayed, even though there are notes that are related to the record. Once you click the Notes link on the form, you’ll suddenly see notes being populated. This is a bug that has been fixed in 6.1.1.

In order to automatically click the Notes link, I have a small script running in the onLoad event of the form to fix this issue on CRM 2013 SP1. This script is a stop gap measure, till 6.1.1 is applied to the server.

setTimeout("(function() { var t = document.querySelector(''); if(t) {; } })();",2000);

This issue doesn’t seem to be happening in CRM2013 SP1 UR1 and CRM2015 and hence this (unsupported) fix is not applicable to these versions.

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