Chart Error in Dashboard

Today I encountered a strange issue, that took little longer than expected to solve. In the dashboard, I have multiple charts. All charts display correct data without any issue.

When you click the table icon on the chart, to look at the records that were the source for this chart, an error is displayed.
The user can run the saved view from Advanced Find, without any issue, and hence this is not a lack of privilege for this entity.

When I checked the Event Log in the CRM Server, I noticed an error message about the missing Privilege {8437FA7C-3681-4FC7-BFD8-53A23FDECD65}.

I then queried the Privilege view in the MSCRM database for the Organisation, and found this is prvReadUserSetting.

When I opened the security role for this user, read privilege was missing all together.
Granting Organisation wide read permission for this role, resolved this issue.

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